About Us
For centuries now, India has been the land of tillers. Agriculture was not just the main occupation of the people here, but the entire economy revolved around agriculture. Things have hardly changed as we transformed from a fragmented nation called Bharat to a sovereign country called the Union of India.
Agriculture is still our mainstay as before and even now, the Indian economy is predominantly agrarian in nature. Our forefathers had excellent knowledge of agriculture and the various facets of agriculture were known to them. Be it, cropping pattern, land quality, soil degeneration or any other issue, they were well-versed in everything and anything about agriculture.
Our ancestors used traditional wisdom to fight crop production related problem like pest-attack or fungal infection, insect menace or a bugging bacteria. However, with the changing times, ancient wisdom gave way to text book knowledge and chemical pesticides replaced the age-old method of fighting pest and bacteria.
This proved to be a fruitful exercise initially and bountiful crop produce made this nation extra dependent on chemical pesticides. This led to excessive use of pesticides, which resulted in gradual soil degeneration. This triggered a chain reaction and soon we started losing land mass due to this chemical attack on our soil.
It is here that we - Mridgandha Grinovators - see a role for ourselves. As a leading manufacturers of herb-based pesticides and a range of non-Hazardous crop-related products. We pledge to change the present scenario with our products, which are not only free from any Synthetic chemical ingredients, but are equally soil-friendly.
We maintain the highest and the best quality that the agricultural sector has to offer. We have a team of dedicated and extremely skilled technical staff, backed by an equally able service-providing and marketing manpower. We used the older concepts of agriculture and have conducted extensive research on it to develop these products.
Our cost effective products would make agriculture affordable to farmers. And our Non Hazardous (chemical-free) range ensures that environment is not disturbed. In addition, this not only prevents soil pollution, but also adds to its nutrient value in the long run.
Certain regions in India have witnessed an unprecedented spate of farmers' suicide. In over a decade, this genocide has devastated thousands of agricultural households. It's time we stop this. Say YES and adopt our green technology. It's the future of the farmers, the tillers and the sons of the soil !