Our Mission

As our name suggests, our very existence is meant for and because of the -
The first few drops of rain falling on hot soil and
There comes the unmistakable fragrance, emanating from Nature...
The essence of the blooming earth, the Mridgandha!!

Mridgandha signals arrival of monsoon. It may give farmer an eternal joy and a commoner much needed relief from the scorching Sun. But the fragrance that moves the entire society, faces danger of being wiped out from the face of this mother earth.

Unbridled and mindless use of chemical pesticides/disease controllers has caused unimaginable loss to the land mass in our country. The micro-organisms (Actinomycetes) which act as catalyst in generating this fragrance (which symbolizes the good health of the bhoomi) have been destroyed due to these chemicals. If these and other useful micro-organisms are killed by the chemicals, one may well imagine the fate of soil, which is expected to produce food and feed crores and crores of Indian people!

It is hence, the need of the hour to rethink and redecide our strategy. Not to think of short-term benefits, but focus on long-term advantages. Time to introspect and ask ourselves - what are we leaving for posterity - huge land mass that would be rendered uncultivable due to rampant use of chemical pesticides by then, or soil that remains charged and tillable by using herbal / and non-hazardous pesticides for coming generations?

There is another aspect to this herbal pesticide phenomenon - the economics involved in it. Herbal pesticides are cost effective as they stay active for a much longer duration. So, while it increases your soil potency and farm yield, it decreases your average agricultural expenditure and helps in your savings! And this exactly is our Mission - Mission to help farmer to get a good harvest, reap its benefits and earn prosperity out of it.

Believe us, this is the cleanest and time-tested method of improving the agricultural scenario. And we can say this with a degree of confidence, because we at Mridgandha Grinovators have a team, which has mastered agricultural science, studied farming-related problems and researched extensively on its solutions.