Welcome to Mridgandha
As per our motto of green and clean technology, we maintain the highest quality standards,ALWAYS keeping in mind the requisite health factor and environmental safety. We strive to achieve excellence in our operations and our biggest thrust is and always will be Research and Development . The products we offer are manufactured under expert supervision and each product formulation is finalized after extensive field trials. Our success in this area is based on the mantra : GROW GREEN, SAVE MANKIND.
Our Mission
As our name suggests, our very existence is meant for and because of the - MOTHER EARTH.The first few drops of rain falling on hot soil and There comes the unmistakable fragrance, emanating from Nature...
The essence of the blooming earth, the Mridgandha!!
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Company Profile
With the Aim of providing a quality product, which will yield results on par if not better, with the products prevalent in the marketplace to the Farmers and make available a cost effective, Non-Hazardous and Green alternative to all Synthetic Chemicals...